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Writing Challenge: A New Year

Welcome to 2012! While it’s a great time to dive into the new year and think about the future, it’s also a nice time to reflect. For this week’s writing challenge, we’ll dabble in memoir and self-exploration. So here is your first writing challenge of the year:

It’s pretty simple. Write about each month of 2011 — it doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else, it should simply epitomize your memories of that month. But here’s the catch: you may only write a word count that matches each month. For instance, you can write one word for January, two words for February, three words for March, etc. You may format it any way you’d like, but here’s an example:

(1) January: Lightness.

(2) February: She ages.

(3) March: We had another.

etc. etc. etc.

Have a great time paying tribute to 2011 and get ready for a great year ahead of you!

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Writing Challenge: Thanksgiving Conversations

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to reflect about the holiday. Whether you had a big meal surrounded by family members, or didn’t celebrate at all, chances are you have something to think about. So why not try this little challenge?

Write a one scene conversation taking place entirely at the dinner table. You choose the characters and their circumstances, but the day is Thanksgiving and the entire scene must happen at the table. You’d be surprised what you can learn about your characters when they are confined to a dinner table…

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Writing Challenge: Scary Stories

Halloween is right around the corner, so it seems appropriate to assign a horror-themed challenge!

You know the traditional scary stories that you heard around the campfire when you were a kid. (Remember the dog licking the girl’s hand? The tapping on the car roof? The hitchhiking ghost?) Take one of those traditional horror stories and re-write the ending. You can choose to make it funny, you can try to push it even further, just have some fun and enjoy the spooky season!

For some inspiration, check out: American Folklore: Spooky Stories.

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Writing Challenge Wednesday - Letters (part II)

To stick with the theme of letters (because they’re endlessly interesting), here’s a quick new challenge for you. 

Think of a story you’ve written recently (or a poem that has characters.) Take two of your favorite characters from that piece and comprise a series of letters from one to the other, back and forth. Try to mix it up a little, have these letters occur outside the time frame of your story, perhaps way in the future. What has changed in their lives?

For those of who may not have characters to work with, try this: Write a letter to someone who influenced your life (negatively or positively) and may not know it. Explain how they impacted your life and how you think it has changed you.

Have fun, writers!

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Writing Challenge Wednesday - Letters

Letter writing may be evolving, but it is still a vital part of the way we communicate today. Whether it is a birthday card, text message, e-mail, or hand-written letter, it is a way to convey thoughts to someone you might not see on a regular basis.

But what if you were to write a letter to yourself? Here’s your challenge:

Write yourself three letters: to your past self, present self, and future self. What would you want to know in the past? What would you like to remember in the future? And what you do you need to learn right now?

Write these letters and store them in a place you might stumble up again someday.

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Writing Challenge Wednesday - Bittersweet

Good news on a gloomy day, bad news during a celebration. These bittersweet moments we experience every day create tension and are often great stories. How do we, as writers, utilize this? Here’s your challenge:

Write a story with some major contrast in it. It can be a dark setting (scary house with no lights) with a bright character (Penny the 8-year-old movie star); a sad event (a funeral) with a funny setting (toy store); whatever. Just be sure to play with these opposing concepts and make them work in a scene. Who knows where it’ll go!

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